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February 27, 2022 – March 06, 2022




  1. Overview SolDoodles is a NFT Collection of 8888 distinctive characters with each having a variety of traits and even some rare characters to explore. It is built on everyone's favourite Solana Blockchain making it convenient for everyone to trade with the most minimum gas fees. Become a Soldoodler by adding one or more SolDoodles in to your NFT Collection to flaunt and enjoy the SolDoodle community. SolDoodles is a unique community driven NFT collection with fun & a realistic Roadmap. With a great collaborative and innovative, vision inspired community SolDoodles can surely make the impact, by sharing and spreading happiness around this new age... Roadmap SolDoodles Minting SolDoodles will be released in 5 minting phases and each minting phase will have a higher floor price than the previous phase. Each minting phase will come with its own advantages like Community Rewards, Giveaway, Airdrops etc. including a special Crypto and Blockchain course to the NFT holders and the Early Member Access. The five phases will be released in the following manner: 1st Phase: 333 NFT’s (Early Members Edition - Floor Price: 0.05 SOL) 2nd Phase: 666 NFT’s (Early Members Edition 2) 3rd Phase: 1111 NFT’s 4th Phase: 2222 NFT’s 5th Phase: 3333 NFT’s The minting price for the next phase will be revealed after the previous phase has been completed. The SolDoodles will be visible on our interface and will be exchangeable on our social networks or on the marketplace after the minting phases are over.
    Early Members Early members are those people to have joined this SolDoodles project in the early stage and supporting the community environment, with them having a Lower Mint Price Advantage in the first two minting phases and many more community rewards. As the mint price will increase in every mint phase, the early members will have a huge advantage over the community who come in later with them enjoying the higher floor price after all the phases have been completed. (edited)        

  2. Community Interaction In the SolDoodles community along with the early member access, the community will enjoy random NFT and SOLANA Airdrops. With the collaborative community interaction, there will be many Community Games and Contests which will be held on our social platforms. The winners of the contests will be rewarded with NFT Giveaways. The community will have a special feature of Charity Module through which we will contribute to the world by helping as a proud SolDoodler. Also the community and specially the NFT holders will enjoy a Free Crypto and Blockchain Course in the later stages of development.
    Charity Module The Charity module is the feature in the community wherein the entire community will interact with us to donate to charities from the funds collected through royalties. 1% of all the total royalties will be donated to the Community Favoured Organizations and Charities every time after a fixed interval. In these way the SolDoodle community will be able to impact and act as a helping hands towards the betterment of the world. (edited)        

  3. Crypto & Blockchain Course We are providing a crypto & blockchain course to our community which will include A-Z basic to deep advanced level explaining and demonstration of each and every concept. Blockchains, Mining, Cryptocurrency, Cryptography,Wallets, Beware of Scams, NFT’s, DEFI , etc. Each Soldoodle NFT holder and Early Members will get the course airdropped for free and also it will be givenaway in the community. Details about the course and dates will be declared around the last phase of the minting. Our main goal with this course segment is to spread the knowledge and educate our community and the world with the upcoming technology that will take the future by storm and avoid people getting into misleading infos and scams.

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