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August 05, 2022 – August 12, 2022





As an all-in-one, interactive content creation, reading and trading network, Readem aims to bring ownership back to creators and lower the creation barrier to engage a broader population.

Reward reading and creation; using Readem, users bring their flash of inspiration into life within seconds

We believe in the uniqueness and novelty embedded in inspirations. We see the future of interactive content.

Readem liquidizes the value of content in Web3 via interactive reading and creating.

Through interactive fiction creation leveraging templates or creating content from scratch, every user will be able to record their inspiration in Web3.

In Readem, every creator can get closer to their readers more than via written words.

Interactive content builds a community where words bear ideas, but also liquidize values.

It changes the typical one-directional creation process while involving both creators and readers in, further defining a novel content paradigm.

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