Rax Doll

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February 21, 2022 – February 28, 2022





Rax Doll is a collection of 3,000 randomly generated cute (and definitely the quirkiest) rag dolls living on Polygon blockchain, searching for worthy owners to make their dreams come true. For they exist to support the next generation, and also for the HAPPINESS of people.

The price of the first 300 Rax Dolls will be a fixed price of 0.015 Polygon ETH, and the price of the remaining 2,700 remaining Rax Dolls will be a fixed price of 0.03 Polygon ETH. Some of the rarities in the first 300 will not available in the remaining 2,700. Of course, there will be more rarities on the next 2,700 Rax Dolls.

Our Road Map:

25% We will giveaway 10 Rax Dolls to 10 random early bird minters and there will be special giveaway of a total sum of 1 ETH for 5 dedicated Rax Doll Owners (each owner will get 0.2 ETH)

50% 2 ETH will be donated to a foundation that supports children's education in Indonesia

75% We are going to launch our exclusive Rax Doll merchandises

100% We will start working on the brand new collection of Rax Doll

You can stay tuned on our next mints and events through our websity, Twitter or Instagram.

Have a great day guys ~

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