Rainbow Mosaic by AndrBel

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November 10, 2022 – November 17, 2022





Collection "Rainbow Mosaic by AndrBel"

Unique 45 paintings in the collection "Rainbow Mosaic by AndrBel".

Rainbow Mosaic by AndrBel - a mosaic of feelings, desires, dreams, experiences in a rainbow of colors.

The color lines of the rays of the rainbow pass in their path into turns, turns. They go around figuratively space, repeating the lines of a circle, triangle, polygons. With its strokes of lines, the color rainbow either speeds up, giving the color of emotions-experiences, then suddenly fades sharply, stops in space, turning into another color sense of mental emotions or sharply slows down, leaving a trail in flight, a trail of unsaid emotions that make you follow them...

Peer and follow... Follow the lines of the color rainbow, follow the turns, turns, speed up the gaze of observation with the acceleration of the rays of the rainbow, the transitions of its shades, overflows of color. Go deep into these color transitions by the movement of the rays, dive .... dive into this space of color and movement, let the colors of the rainbow pass through you, nourishing and transmitting, filling you with the sensations of those emotions and feelings. Now you begin to feel the same emotional state that AndrBel fed this picture and experienced them when creating this...

The collection consists of 45 works by AndrBel.

Some of the works are exhibited at a fixed price.

Some of the works are up for auction.

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