Asics x Stepn Solana-Driven Phygital Shoes

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November 04, 2022 – November 09, 2022




Japanese sportswear manufacturer Asics has teamed up with the Solana-driven move-to-earn app Stepn for the launch of the Asics x Solana UI collection. As a result of the collab, an extremely limited-edition series of physical running shoes paired with their NFT versions will go on sale. This lightweight, durable, and supportive model was designed specifically for the global Solana community.

Each buyer of running shoes automatically receives a loyalty Asics Badge NFT, which acts as a key to Asics' future web3 initiatives and rewards. The series features custom GT-2000 11 running sneakers, providing buyers with a chance to be airdropped with a limited-edition Asics x Stepn GT-2000 NFT. The 1,001 OG Solana Realm NFTs will come in three rarity tiers: 850 common, 150 uncommon, and only one rare.

The shoes were designed exclusively for the web3 community, promoting the benefits of blockchain and healthy habits. The GT-2000 sneakers are available for pre-order exclusively during a five-day time window from November 4th to 9th. The footwear comes in two designs: light mode and dark mode and is being sold for $200 in USDC via Solana Pay. Thus, these shoes are the first-ever physical product available through Solana Pay in USDC.

Each buyer of the GT-2000 11 running sneakers gets access to the social imprint that Asics and Stepn are creating, which veil multiple benefits for customers, including:

  • Token-gated future Asics awards and experiences
  • Free airdrop of Asics x Stepn NFT sneakers
  • In-game rewards from Stepn, and more. 

Be quick to pre-order the limited-edition pair of running shoes by Asics that open the door to web3 and provide their owners with a VIP pass to the Stepn community.

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