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March 15, 2023 – March 22, 2023


Magic Eden



Step into the world of Rac(k)city, where digital treasures await!

This thrilling collection of NFTs on the Solana blockchain features rare and unique digital assets in the form of Rackoons. These whimsical creatures are unlike any other, with 5555 individual Rackoons that are randomly generated and stored on the blockchain for safekeeping. Each and every Rackoon is one-of-a-kind, boasting its own set of distinct features including vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and dazzling accessories. But Rac(k)city is more than just a collection of digital assets - it's a community of passionate collectors who share a love for the rare and unique. And with the collection's Doxx services, it's never been easier to connect with fellow collectors and showcase your prized possessions. But that's not all - the team behind Rac(k)city has gone above and beyond to create exciting revenue share models, similar to those used in the real world luxury industry. By forming partnerships with rental property owners, designer watch manufacturers, and eventually our own luxury apparel brand, we're able to offer collectors and enthusiasts a range of revenue streams. Imagine renting out your Rac(k)city NFT to a luxury property owner, or earning a portion of the profits when a designer watch company uses your Rackoon design. And with plans to form contracts with big names in the web2 space, the potential for revenue growth is limitless. So come on in and discover the world of Rac(k)city - an NFT collection on Solana that's not just a valuable investment, but a thrilling adventure with endless revenue streams waiting to be explored!

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