Poly Pals Club

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April 15, 2023 – April 22, 2023


Magic Eden



PolyPalsClub is a one-of-a-kind PFP NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. With a supply of 5,555 unique and quirky pals, this collection offers more than just collectibles. Each pal comes with a unique utility, including a roadmap, real-life events, fashion, and community support.

The project's roadmap includes a $5,000 giveaway for those who mint three or more NFTs, as well as real-life events around the world. PolyPalsClub aims to bring its community together and foster a sense of belonging and fun.

Poly Pals drip is another unique utility of this collection. Each pal comes with its own fashion style, and the team will be releasing their own line of dope drip. If you want to be part of the PolyPalsClub, you need to dress like them!

Lastly, the project aims to give back to the community. PolyPalsClub will invest back into the streets and help young hustlers get their dough. The team is committed to supporting the community that supports them.

Overall, PolyPalsClub is not just another PFP NFT collection. It's a community-driven project with unique utilities, real-life events, and a commitment to giving back. Join the club and be part of something special!

Tags: #art

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