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April 10, 2024 – April 17, 2024





Rabidz is a collecton of 10000 pfp's on the polygon blockchain.

Why us?

  • Exclusivity Gain - your web 3 identity is represented by your pfp. Claim one of ours and rock an exclusive rabid that represents you.
  • Engagement Gain: through interactive platforms like Twitter spaces, we foster a vibrant community where members can connect, share their excitement, and forge lasting relationships, adding value beyond the NFTs themselves.
  • Rarity Gain: the release of the 10000 Gen 1 NFTs offers collectors the opportunity to own a unique piece of digital art, each with its own traits and value, contributing to the exclusivity of the collection.
  • Accessibility Gain: our official website and updated store provide a user-friendly platform for collectors to explore, trade, and display their Rabidz collection, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Appreciation Gain: rewarding loyal Gen 1 holders with an exclusive airdrop of Gen 2 NFTs not only fosters loyalty but also increases the overall value of their collection, amplifying their gains and reinforcing their commitment to Rabidz.
  • Enhanced Experience Gain: the release of exclusive Gen 2 merch and the unveiling of the bustling burrow where rabbits congregate enriches the Rabidz experience, offering collectors unique ways to express themselves and immerse in the project's world.
  • And much more

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