Quadrature by Darien Brito

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May 19, 2023 – May 26, 2023









Have you ever wondered why most digital works of art are static, and displayed and treated as if they were analogue paintings? Quadrature is a digital piece, and exists to relay the beauty of systemic forms in a manner only possible in the digital realm. If algorithmic art is essentially the definition of a system, then Quadrature is designed as a generator of systems. Each mint opens an endless expanse of shifting forms to be discovered and explored interactively: the seed’s initial image soon morphing in tandem with its owner’s desire, as you alter its behaviour and appearance via numerous controls.

As a creative coder, I find that the discovery process of an algorithm and its potential variations is most enjoyable, and one of the aspects that makes generative art so engaging. Unfortunately, collectors are often far removed from that process once they mint a new collection. Quadrature is my attempt to bestow agency to the collector, whose every mint can be re-configured within a specified set of features, and whose structures and reconfigurations are dynamic and enjoyable parts of the composition.

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