RockSloth - The Punk

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February 27, 2022 – March 06, 2022





Join the "Slowest movers" on the blockchain while they rock out!

Minting now open for 3 matic


Telegram: https://t.Me/+h7nv63wfqgmwnthk

Discord: https://discord.Com/invite/sesquk2hxe

Minting dapp: https://mint.Rocksloth.Xyz

Opensea:   https://opensea.Io/collection/rock-sloth-the-punk-collection


Rocksloth is a community based initiative with a long and ambitious roadmap to create an immersive experience in web3.0 world. 

Our sloth owners will get exclusive access to our upcoming portal, competitions, white lists, and pre-sales, as well as a say in the project development going forward. 

With our eye on the metaverse, we want to pump our profits back into building this to be a sustainable and lucrative investment for all our "Adopters"

Join our movement!

#slothmovement #bemoresloth



The punk collection

- minting phase (2000 sloths with 200 being used during this phase to propel project via competitions - any left at the end of minting phase will be gifted to our highest minters)

- 5% of funds will be donated to sloth conservation foundation

- 85% of funds will fund other collections & advertising

- portal opens

Looking ahead

- 5 more collections (1 premium "Fan club" collection)

- access to presales/rewards & more

- purchase land metaverse to hold live events for owners

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