PolyWRLD Mint - P2E Game

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November 18, 2022 – November 25, 2022





What are PolyGalz NFTs?

PolyGalz are strong, modern women who are the hidden descendants of the ancient Amazons. They battle for the sake of freedom, justice, and decentralization. The collection contains 10,000 procedurally-generated NFTs living on the Polygon Network, and giving holders access to PolyWRLD, the most ambitious play-to-earn game on Polygon.

NFTs with Utility

Each PolyGal  receives one entry ticket to PolyWRLD, which is our play-to-earn game.

A Game You Can't Lose

PolyWLRD is fully on-chain, and is based on transparent smart contracts powered by Chainlink's Verified Random Function. It guarantees fair odds to each player, and that no one can stop them from accessing their gains.

Each season consists of 6 stages. Each NFT starts the season at stage 1. However, if an NFT becomes locked at a certain stage, it will start the next season at the same stage it was locked at.

Each season has a set % odds of coming back with loot, proceeding to the next step of the adventure, or your NFT gets locked until the next season.

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