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January 08, 2022 – January 15, 2022






Hi, I'm an artist. After observing what is happening in the NFT market, I came to the conclusion that there is too much plagiarism and redundancy, so I started to work very hard and alone to try to bring something in, fresh, new, original and fun.


The PolyBuccaneers are a generative art collection of 10 000 cool looking, beautifully designed characters. All this in Pixel Art, and in GIF format. I claim to be among the first to create such a large animated collection. Not really easy to achieve from A to Z without a team, (carry out all the layers and frames by hand, and then create the site, contract, and self-promote on social network) but I'm really proud of it!

All announcements on Twitter AND Discord (you must join) : free mints for first followers, minting date, contests, giveaways etc.

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