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January 31, 2022 – February 07, 2022





A new series from Poi3on will be released on Opensea this Monday! Every piece is hand-drawn and unique. This is the first release of a continuous series, each containing 6 mints and expansion opportunities.
These NFT's act as the launch of Poi3on's Dope Clothing brand, a brand that follows the very definition of exclusive. Each NFT represents actual clothing that will be produced based on sales thresholds for the piece. The clothing featured on the avatars in the NFT's will be made in one-off productions, meaning if you purchase a DopeMan Collection NFT and meet the threshold, you will also be sent the clothing featured in the artwork free of charge, and there will NEVER be another example produced.
Join us in the launch and secure your exclusives! We look forward to seeing you on on launch day! Follow us on soc to stay up-to-date with future releases in the DopeMan Collection.

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