Gray Bug

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March 04, 2022 – March 11, 2022





Hey watch out! I think the ones above are watching us. But what is that! He's not human!... Wait... I think he's friendly and dresses like us! "Graybug" is a very curious alien and also quite strange, he is a bit serious but that doesn't take away from his cool style. he is fascinated with the fashion, style and culture of humans. There are many styles to discover, eye, each one has its meaning, and you give it yours, do you feel identified with any? Items in the network polygon

Road map 
0%: Build our community Join our Discord, Instagram and Twitter where we will be organizing gifts, exclusive grays and other benefits! 33 places open on the white list!......... [processingrepeat] 

15%: 2 random holders will receive a wish valued at $310
25%: The Great GRAY Gift

× 1 random person who has a gray bug will receive 0.07 ETH 

× The most active person on all community platforms who has < 2 Gray bugs will receive 0.10 ETH 

× The person who has the most NFT Gray bugs will receive 0.17 ETH 

50%: design time We will open a headline design channel where headlines can submit their designs! We'll sell it at our new and increased floor price, and you'll get 66% of the profit! 

75%: Represents The first 500 holders will receive a sweatshirt with their NFT emblazoned on it! 

10 holders with more than 4 Gray bugs will receive a surprise prize. 

85%: Charitable donation: 0.8 ETH will be donated to a shelter dedicated to the rescue of domestic animals in vulnerable situations and an NGO dedicated to planting trees in our lung of the world. Charity will be decided by you! Community! 

100%: All holders of the Gray bugs will have a surprise benefitgift

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