Planets of the eyes

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September 26, 2022 – October 03, 2022





The main goal of the project** 

We are a project for ordinary people in society. We do not want only rich people to have NFT

Our project is different from all other projects. Our goal is to create a society in which everyone can benefit equally.

Unlike all projects, in this project, no one and no special group owns the project, All members own it. Unlike all projects which are mostly profitable for the owners and a small number of buyers, in this project are all equally owners. Everyone can share in the profits.

We want to have a community that is very active and a place for all those who want to progress in this way to grow and start.

We give them free FT. Special discounts. We help everyone have NFT. After each sale, we give a large percentage of sales to community members. (Giveaway)

So all members are project owners. Everyone has a duty to work for their project. We must have a very different community. We must have a society that can deal with wrong policies. We want everyone to benefit. Everyone should participate

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