Pixelowlz Free mint live

Drop's mint website was verified by its submitter in our Discord community
September 05, 2022 – September 12, 2022





!! Free mint is live !! 
Mint now on our official website for free and take an owl home today along with holder benefits

Everyone likes benefits and even though pixelowlz is a free mint project , don't worry we got you covered.  We have added several benefits for holders and whitelisted members. ( mentioned below )

- 5 cool reasons to join pixelowlz -
1) Free mint project
2) Several Wl and Holder benefits 
3) Regular giveaways
4) Fun community
5) Doxxed team

Holder benefits --
1) Access to wl giveaway  channel where we will giveaway WL spots for pixelowlz every week.
2) All verified holders will have access to special hidden channels in our discord like show your owl and holder chat.

Whitelisted members benefits --
1) Exclusive free mint ability in mint phase 2 - mutant pixelowlz, which will be paid for all members except whitelisted.
2) Access to super giveaway channel in our discord where we will be giving away cash prizes, wl spots for other projects, shoutouts to new creators, free discord nitro's and many more exciting rewards.

More about pixelowlz -- Pixelowlz is a free mint project with a collection of 4050 NFT'S deployed on the polygon blockchain which will be minted in 2 phases of 2025 NFT'S each, every owl has a unique appearance and values.

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