Pepe Embryos

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July 17, 2023 – July 24, 2023





Life Of PEPE is a gamified journey, expanding the PEPE culture through new-age technologies and methodologies.

The initial collection, Pepe Embryos, is an evolving set of NFTs that grow over time becoming fully grown PEPEs. Growing into unbelievable Bluechip art, with a deep utility & reward infrastructure.

Owner must check-in and nurture them to ensure their survival!
Each NFT has the potential to earn rewards in $ PEPE tokens and other Life Of PEPE assets that will be released over time.
Each NFT also shares in the overall revenue of Life Of PEPE as a project.

There are 69,696 Embryos, only 35% will survive; the more you nurture them, the more chance of survival.

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