Oni Ronin's Kitsune Drops July 18th

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July 25, 2022 – August 01, 2022





8888 Kitsune will travel into the realm of the Oni on the Ethereum blockchain. Every Kitsune comes with an Oni Ronin created by Artist Lance Webb and Big Head Club’s Mack Flavelle, the creative mind behind Cryptokitties and NBA Top Shot.

Kitsune are the parallel spirits of Oni Ronin. In the real world, they have the appearance of a fox, but in the Oni Realm, their true form emerges. Kitsune are composed of strange elements from across space and time. Each Oni Ronin is adjourned with a death poem written by real samurai, and have the chance to initiate the trial of ascension and commit their Ronin to one of two outcomes: If defeated by their Oni they are cast into oblivion forever, their NFT burned and replaced by a husk destroyed in celestial battle, its death poem echoing audibly for eternity. If your Ronin defeats its Oni, its former self is burned and replaced with 1 of 88 Golden Ronin, having ascended to the honoured halls of the noble Samurai.

The roadmap includes BHC Membership, Comics, samurai history lessons, japanese language lessons, cross-cultural experiences hosted in Japan, charitable donations, merch, raffles, airdrops, giveaways, perks, and exclusive offerings for holders as well as access to the Boat Game BHC will be releasing in 2022.

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