Nutty narwhals official

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





Nutty narwhals is a community focussed collection of individually made and customized nfts from different rarities, living on the polygon blockchain. By owning a nutty narwhal, you will be part of a newly founded long-term vision, movement, brand, and community - with metaverse, tokens, donations to australian wildlife foundations, and much more to come with your support. The future of nutty narwhals is in the hands of the owners - the community will determine the future!

A private drop will be made through the discord channel a few days before official release! 

Nutty 2022 goals -------------------------- first half 2022 - nutty narwhals nft announcement - launch secret release on the (date:xxxx), stay active to not miss out - launch public sale (date: xxxx, time:) - enter mainstream platforms - drive tiktok and instagram marketing - connect with other artists - drop the rest of nutty narwhals collection - pray to reach donation goals

Second half 2022 - begin working on a second nft collection! - announce a new nft collection! - target mainstream media and show the power of nfts - grant whitelist access immediately to holders of nutty narwhals nfts - work on future branching out of nutty nfts (metaverse and games) - drop second collection, same process as previous! - continue with giveaways to nft holders!

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