Da Vinci meets Mickey

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May 19, 2022 – May 26, 2022





NOSTALGY combines traditional works of art with Pop Art and Contemporary.

If Da Vince were to paint the Mona Lisa today, she would most likely look different - would her mysterious gaze take people's breath away? Or perhaps different details? 

Join me on a journey with my latest collection NOSTALGY, where historical works merge with modern art.

The unique works are digitally and of course hand painted.

Every image is in ultra high resolution with 4950 x 4000 px. This means that you can see every little detail and every brushstroke. So get your unique artwork! 

10 unique 1/1 artworks are available for 0.025 ETH on Polygon.

With the purchase of the NFT you will also receive the png file of the frame content. So you can for example print your NFT on canvas. 

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