Non-Fungible Geishas

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November 25, 2021 – November 28, 2021





Non-Fungible Geishas is the first NFT collection from Project CC, born to celebrate the heritage of six different cultures. The collection contains 8888 items, automatically generated by the combination of 88 different features, 8 of which are extremely rare. The collection celebrates Japanese art culture as a whole. The backgrounds of the NFTs come from 20 different masterpieces. 

We will open public minting on our website on November 25th and the price will be only 5 MATIC (less than 10 dollars as of now, gas fees included). You will be able to find also a guide to set up your MetaMask wallet for the Polygon blockchain and acquire MATIC without having to pay any gas fee. 

Our goal is to celebrate our different cultures and merge them with the future of web3 to make sure they will not be forgotten, to preserve values and knowledge that we think is fundamental. The figure of the Geisha, coming from the city of Kyoto, represents culture and grace, but their history and importance are often misunderstood. We want to tell the story of these powerful women who devote years of hard training to become artisans and purveyors of traditional Japanese culture in the purest form.

Tags: #art

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