Nifty Limos Presale

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October 03, 2021 – October 09, 2021



10K 3D rendered limos for you to race in and win eth prizes!

Nifty Limos is a historic project. It's the first project with built-in rentable ad space inside each NFT!

Each limo in our game comes with a built-in Nifty Billboard that the owner can rent out based on their preferred hourly rate via our Nifty Billboard Smartcontract. so you can have sponsors for your cars and their ads will show up in-game too!

Profit share from sales with OG supporters!

We are also doing five 1/1 limos in every 10K pack of mints we add to the game, celebrating the works of 5 influential artists/people in NFT space!

Who is going to be the lucky players minting the 1/1s?

our launch date is October 9th.

6000 mints available for presale on a first-come first-served basis.


Tags: #art

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