NFTree - Passive income and CO2 offset!

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March 24, 2022 – March 31, 2022

Treedefi’s NFTrees are NFT backed by real planted trees that allow you to offset your emissions. By holding an NFTree, you can earn passive income in terms of TCO2 token and enjoy up to 1,170% APR just by holding it! We are launching a collection of 300 NFTrees on Monday 28.03.2022 from 2.00 pm UTC. You can mint your NFtree and enjoy rewards right away. If you unbox more than 6 boxes, you will receive free merchandise!


- Discover your surprise on Monday 28.03.2022 from 2.00 pm UTC

- Earn up to 1,170% APR by unboxing your NFTree

- Earn around 115 % APR by farming SEED-TCO2 LP tokens

- Hold your Tree until we launch the Tellus p2e Game 

- Celebrate our First year by receiving free merchandise

- One Box for just 0.10 BNB for box number 1-300 (sold out!)

- One Box for just 0.11 BNB for box number 301-600 

- One box for just 0.12 BNB for box number 601-900

Why is it great to hold an NFTree? 

- You are offsetting your emissions

- You are owning at least one planted tree in the real world!

- You can earn passive income by just holding NFTrees

- You can trade it easily in our marketplace by choosing two auction modes

Free Merchandise

- Unbox 7 trees, get a sticker set

- Unbox 10 trees, get a T-shirt

- Unbox 12 trees, get an Hoodie

And coming soon:

- You can transfer the NFTree to Tellus Game 

- You can stake it to earn more tokens


Our Mystery Box will allow you to unbox an NFTree. You can decide how many NFTrees you want to unbox. There’s no limit per user but hurry up because there’ll be a lot of competition !

As soon as you unbox your NFTree, you will start accumulating your TCO2 reward that can be claimed as described in the next section. First 300 boxes will cost 0.1 BNB, then the price will increase to 0.15! 10% of raised BNB will be used to sustain TCO2 liquidity


- Common Trees ( 80kg/year ), 120% APR - 51.00 % drop chance

- Rare Trees (120kg/year), 229% APR - 28.33 % drop chance

- Exceptional Trees ( 180kg/year), 395% APR - 15.67 % drop chance

- Mythic (250kg/year), 586% APR - 4.00 % drop chance

- Legendary (500kg/year), 1272% APR - 1.67% drop chance


NFTrees are proudly made by Treedefi - the Eco friendly yield farming project.

Celebrate one year with us by unboxing your mystery Tree!

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