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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022



Our objectif is to create different Nft collection of animals in geometric theme , and give some advantage to our holder :point_down_tone3:

- a chance to win free NFT of the futur collection and limited edition holder collection

- each holder have a chance to win Egld giveaway each month, directely is his wallet , without any subscription

- most part of benefice will go to stacking , benefit of this will go to our giveaway lottery for our holders and to a charity organisation

why our NFT are unique ?

- Our collection have a resolution of 6000 of 6000 pixels , that give you a crazy quality render and ready for your futur métaverse house

- Only 100 piece for 1 Collection , to ensure a rarity of your unique NFT

- the colors and background are fully handmade , each color is chose manually by our designer , that give you a unique piece with proper caracteristic

- no rank systeme , don’t try to have a good and lucky mint ,  each animals are cool and looks great

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