Nanocrypto NFT

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June 01, 2022 – June 08, 2022





** nanocrypto nft project roadmap **

The nanos have been living for thousands of years on nanoworld, a small planet located in the universe, they live in harmony with nature.

This collection is going to be one of the big projects of the server for the year 2022

All nft holders will be part of the nanocrypto family, but you can have even more benefits depending on the rarity of your nft!

Phase 1: find nanoworld

 :earth_americas:locate nanoworld in the universe

Create website & social media accounts 

 Pre-launch nanocrypto marketing campaigns

Phase 2: capture nano

 :teddy_bear:100 nano available to captured (mint).

 :chart_with_upwards_trend:expanded marketing campaign

 :gem:rarity chart revealed 

Phase 3: 100% nanocaptured

 :star2:influencer partnership announcements

Shipping the 1 eth cash prize to 3 lucky winners

 Available on one secondary market 

Phase  4: find other worlds

 Nanocrypto new drop launch

Thanks to the study of nano, we have determined that other planets colonized by nano's existence.

Phase 5: secret : ???  ???




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