Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit NFT-Backed Apparel

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August 01, 2022 – August 31, 2022

A renowned streetwear brand Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit is jumping into the web3 with the launch of its new collection, capable of transporting buyers right into the metaverse. To do so, the fashion brand's founder and artist Jonathan Koon has partnered with the leading retail-focused metaverse platform Highstreet.

Thus each physical item in the brand-new Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit comes with a QR code literally sewn into the item. Scanning this code, the shoppers will be able to redeem an NFT. The 8-Bit apparel including hoodies, T-shirts, headwear, and other items priced between $120 - $395, is available in top-rated IRL boutiques such as Selfridges and also online.

Besides, there is an exclusive move fueled by the idea of bridging streetwear culture with Web3. All shoppers will get an opportunity to digitally clone themselves and their purchased 8-Bit apparel into the Highstreet World metaverse. Highstreet and Jonathan Koon have a strong intention to lead anyone, anywhere into the metaverse in a smooth, natural way. They want every participant’s avatar to be an extension of their real-world self. 

By joining the Highstreet metaverse, all users will be rewarded with $HIGH tokens and treated to a bunch of exclusive VR experiences. The great endeavor makes the metaverse and NFTs accessible to average users transferring them from the physical shop to the web3 in a matter of minutes. Moreover, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen 8-Bit promises to announce a couple of exclusive collaborations with other brands, celebrities, and trend-setting NFT creators shortly.

"Just like how Supreme is a lifestyle brand that represents the perspective of a skateboarder from downtown New York; 8-Bit is a lifestyle brand that represents the perspective of a modern day tech kid," Jonathan Koon commented on the phygital collection.

The super trendy colorful items with the characterful pixelated prints are currently available for purchase. Besides, shoppers can opt for a Mystery Box, containing one randomly selected 8-Bit By Mostly Heard Rarely Seen T-Shirt, worth $100-$120. The Mystery Box will cost you $50.

Go buy cool, trendy clothing and start exploring the metaverse with 8-Bit.

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