Missing Baby Alien

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June 24, 2022 – July 01, 2022





Missing Baby Alien(MBA) is a collection of 5555 unique 1/1 Baby Alien NFT-Each Missing Baby Alien NFT is unique and randomly generated in Hashlips Art Engine by combining 132 properties with varying rarities in 10 categories ( Missing paper, Background, Skin, Cheek, Eyes, Mouth, Clothes, Sunglass, Hat, Head).

555 NFTs have already been minted rest 5000 NFT can be minted directly from the smart contract using the mint function with a price of 10 MATIC, up to max 5 NFT per transction. 

1 Mint = 10 Matic, 2Mint = 20 Matic, 3Mint = 30 Matic, 4Mint = 40 Maric, 5Mint = 50 Matic,

Let's help this Missing Baby Alien(MBA) go back to its home by putting some into your wallet

Tags: #art

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