HUMA #13

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June 25, 2022 – July 02, 2022





"Huma" is a brand based on handmade designs by the italian digital agency jesma (https://www.Jesma.It/).

Discover the project: https://www.Jesma.It/jesmactible/huma/

We are all different, but at the same time the same. For us, art is the preferred means of overcoming the curtain of preconceptions and showing how each person (in this case each huma) is perfect in its uniqueness, while resembling (in form and style) all the others.

The dignity of diversity and the richness of inclusion are talked about often and never enough.

The entire collection was created by designing a diverse and inclusive selection of traits, including outfits, hair styles, accessories… it is for this reason that no two are exactly alike.

In each artwork the uniqueness of huma is highlighted, not only thanks to clothing and hairstyles, but also by trying to graphically interpret behaviors, lifestyles, the culture and personality of each character.

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