Beauty In Culture

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June 24, 2022 – July 01, 2022





Limited 20 masterpiece Ultra rare and unique !!! Beauty In Culture is a 20 item nft collection which tells a tale of one of the most oldest culture in the world more than 3,000 year's worth of Ethiopian culture made into an nft art. Ethiopian culture is one of the most significant culture in the world filled with century's of beauty and evolution of man kind.Ethiopian culture is just an art on its own which aged like wine over the past few century. Ethiopian culture is also very unique it has it's own calendar and there are 13 month's in a year in Ethiopia and many other amazing culture and history that we turned into an art form. Our collection will be a total of 20 masterpiece which consists of the beautiful culture and heritage of Ethiopia. There is no properties in our collection cause every art here is unique from one another each of our art are ultra rare

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