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February 14, 2022 – February 21, 2022





A new generation of NFT warriors is set to drop!

MetaRobotica . . .a genuinely unique, innovative NFT project with big plans for the Metaverse is set to drop in less than ten days. This project seemingly came out of nowhere but has grown a formidable online community on platforms like Discord with over 38k members and has gained interest from owners of the most significant NFT projects in the world.

A Story of Human Survival

In its essence, the story of MetaRobotica depicts a world plunged in utter darkness. A gloomy ambiance that almost no one could escape. And, in an eerie, desolate world, the DeFiance – an army of 8,888 women-led by seven legendary leaders – “The Seven,” are the last chance for human survival.

The hand-crafted 3D art is the brainchild of Elad Malka, a talented 3D artist that has labored over every last detail for each character. He’s able to tell the story of the DeFiance through his art, and fans of this project have taken notice.

Joining MetaRobotica

To join the exclusive MetaRobotica community, you will need to join their Discord community and verify with the team. After that, there are several tasks that one must do in order to get “Whitelisted,” like inviting friends, engaging in discussions, and other tasks. If you are lucky enough to get on the whitelist, you’ll be able to get a DeFiance NFT before the public sale.

After purchasing an NFT, you’ll need to hold on to it until the character reveal. The NFTs vary in rarity, so the reveal is incredibly important to see which NFT you’re holding.

NFT Utility

Many NFT projects boast utility, but what does that actually mean for MetaRobotica HODLers? Well, the team has thought of an ingenious way to provide utility for owners. They have developed a virtual “RoboCard” that acts as your ticket to the MetaRobotica native ERC20 Token - $MROB. By “staking” your NFTs, you’ll receive airdrops of $MROB, and the number of tokens you receive directly correlates to the type of card you hold.

Those holding one NFT will get RoboBlack, the most common card. For those holding 2-4, NFTs will give you the RoboGold card, and holding five or more NFTs will entitle you to RoboDiamond, the most exclusive of the RoboCards, which offers its owners a significant cut of $MROB, voting rights in the DAO (Decentralized Organization) that the team has in their roadmap, and a lot more.

In order to get your RoboCard, you will need to hold onto your NFT until the team can take a snapshot of your cryptowallet and confirm the number of NFTs you hold. They will then distribute the card and you can do what you wish with your NFT.


The project began a few months ago, and they are busy designing characters, the story, plans for the metaverse, and a lot more. They have partnered with leading marketing teams, game designers, artists, and NFT influencers that have all dedicated themselves to the project and what is in store for its bright future.

Early adopters will benefit the most from this highly anticipated project. The plan is to open a MetaRobotica VR marketplace where NFTs can be bought, traded, and sold, followed by the development of the DAO. The community is at the center of everything that MetaRobotica does, and they play a significant role in the project’s success. To reward its supporters, MetaRobotica will introduce its Tokenomics, where owners will yield $MROB tokens. The greater the number of tokens you have, the more valuable your vote will be in the DAO.

As for the later developments of MetaRobotica, it aims to provide features to its NFT holders that'll enable them to use their NFT's in various ways in the metaverse. Dedicated members will be given real-world rewards and even a physical version of their NFT. And finally, the DeFiance NFTs will breed the next generation of the project, ever-growing the community on the path to the metaverse.

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