Metababex First Live Vr Adult Entertainment Nft

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Welcome to MetaBabeX! Lets take a more in depth look at the future of METABABEX!

The future of Adult entertainment is MetaBabeX. We plan to operate the First Ever Live Entertainment VR strip club for the Metaverse!

This is no ordinary NFT project & these are no normal Avatars. We are dedicated to create the #1 Live Adult entertainment venue in the Metaverse. Create real world job opportunities for our performers, and real money making opportunities for our NFT holders.We have a detailed and exciting roadmap that includes making a percentage of tips earned by your NFT, and for a select few large investors and early adopters the opportunity to earn a percentage of total overall club revenue for the night.                                                               

By Being on the Polygon Network There are essentially zero to little gas fees amongst buyers and sellers! 69 New NFTs will be Released each chapter until a Total of 6969 have been released. Currently MetaBabeX is on Chapter 1 with 69 unique Girls to choose from that will never be duplicated, Making each NFT a truly one of a kind digital Asset. Your NFT can be set as your profile picture, printed on Merch, and will also works as a VIP Level one Membership pass.

VIP Level 1 - Free Entry into Club inside the Metaverse. You can choose any Metababex ever released to Dance for you regardless of who owns it. You will have the opportunity to Bid on 3D Metababex in our Live Community Auction room which will allow you to yeild 10% of their Tips made on the night.                                                                                        

 SPECIAL DROPX: $Strip coins$ Are special NFT's that we will drop at random that will also work as a Club membership pass that will Give you VIP Level 1 privileges without owning a Babe. Remember only NFT holders will have FREE Access into the club with member perks.                                                                                                                                

VIP Level 2 - Once you own a 3D NFT not only will you make 10% of their Tips on the Night but you will also receive FREE merch, automatic entry in all raffles and giveaway sweepstakes, 2 FREE dances per Night on the house, half off the champagne room, and 5 guest passes for FREE entry to non club members. 

 Own 10 or more Metababex and be eligible to become a club manager where you can make a percentage of the total club revenue for the night. 


% Sold to Mint 6969 Total

- 15%  We are converting The 2D NFTs into 3D NFTs Metaverse ready for Oculus & other VR Platforms! Resale value of the original 69 metababeX is estimated to be 2-3X or more initial sell price.

 -30% We buy a prime parcel of land for the club in Decentraland. NFT holders and Club Members will receive FREE Merch such as T-Shirts, hoodies, watches and more with their NFT's printed on them. 3 Lucky Winners will be selected in a raffle to Beta test The club.  Resale value estimated to be 4x or more.

50% VR Strip Club is built from our Discord communities voted on model! Pre Grand opening will be held for all the current NFT holders, where you will be able to enter the club and experience just how far we’ve come! Resale Value estimated to be 6x or more 

%75 The introduction of Haptic Gloves for our members will be available for use. Live Dancers will be available with our Rokoko suits! 5 lucky raffle winners will be selected to win an Oculus Rift & 1 grand prize winner will receive a pair of haptic Gloves! Re sale value estimated to be 10x or more

%100 Club will be fully operational 

Fully staffed Live entertainers will be using our Rokoko suits to bring your avatar selection to life.

NFT holders will be able to start collecting a % of your NFT’s Tips on the night.

Club managers & investors will receive % of the the total club revenue on the night.

Members will be allowed to invite 1-2 guest into the club guest fee $10-15 USD for example.

Re sale value is estimated to be astronomical!

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