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January 06, 2022 – January 13, 2022





MarsColony is a Play-to-earn colonization metaverse with unique NFT-land ownership, enabling fair liquidity mining and other yield generating opportunities, and is based on old-school space settlement games.

Features of Mars colony and timelines for launch:

Jan 2022 – Landing

Initial NFT land sale
Land staking and CLNY token rewards
Settle your land by building base stations, power production and other facilities.

Feb 2022 – Game v1.0

Gamification 1.0
Character creation
Mars Landing scene

Mar 2022 – DeFi

DEX to trade tokens
Liquidity pools launch
Farming contracts launch
Yield accumulation

May-June 2022 – Game v2.0

Building robots
Using robots in different fields to earn resource
Use transport to mine resource
Using energy to power production of robots
Character evolution

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