Metabunnies inc.

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January 02, 2022 – January 09, 2022



The year is 2033...

Mankind has exploited the Earth for their profit, depleting essential resources. The necessities to sustain human and animal life are no longer readily available, making the planet uninhabitable to most living species.

3333 exceptionally intelligent bunnies embark on a life saving mission: leave Earth, in search of hope on another planet.

In a coordinated attempt to save Earth’s living species, they create a plan to probe far into the galaxy to discover a new home. A spaceship is built and rations are gathered to prepare for their send off.

During the launch of the mission, an unexpected misfire of their ship's portal device leaves the bunnies transported beyond reality into a different dimension: the Metaverse!

Upon arrival in the Metaverse, the bunnies remain locked in the ship. They quickly understand that the only way to be released to explore the possibilities of the Metaverse is to engage in contract interactions. The Metaverse may be the answer to the Earth’s problems, but the bunnies need help to be able to continue.

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