Lucky Maneki NFT Collectibles

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June 30, 2021 – July 02, 2021






We are pleased to announce the luckiest addition to the NFT space, Lucky Maneki. The Lucky Manekis has deep ties to the spirit of creativity, luck, and good fortune. 14,159 Manekis will be launched onto the Ethereum blockchain at a fixed price of 0.075 ETH.

Lucky Maneki has also incorporated giveaway mechanics to reward the most loyal Maneki owners. Each Maneki acts as a ticket to Raffles where one of each consecutive 30 collectors stands a chance to win 10% of collected ETH. The winning NFT chose randomly on-chain, based on the 3rd party random number generator.

There are multiple layers of rarity embedded in the Lucky Maneki collection. First comes the explicit rarity. These are the broad groupings of Maneki properties that are indicated on each and every NFT and viewable by the collectors.

The elements that have an assigned explicit rarity are background, body type, head type, left-paw item, and right-paw item. For example, a Podium background appears in 20.16% of all Manekis and a Space background in 6.92%. However, within each of these categories, there are many sub-categories. Owning a Lucky Maneki benefits the holder in many ways, not just a cute addition to their NFT collection, if the feline friend is especially lucky then their value can appreciate!

Purchasing a Lucky Maneki also allows you access to the Lucky Chest; where a cheeky Pirate Maneki has hidden some treasure in a chest, Maneki fans will have to solve clues and answer questions to unlock and obtain its contents.

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