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Lucky Maneki

Lucky Maneki is a lucky cat NFT project that brings together a team comprising artists, copywriters, blockchain developers, and NFT enthusiasts. In it, there are 14,159 collectibles named Manekis, which have hundreds of traits. The characters live in the mythical world of Lukenia, where they exist as ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS. A total of 40 original Manekis are in the project and have unique and rare attributes. The rest are second and third generations who have inherited traits from their ancestors alongside their own. Some of the activities conducted by the Maneki extend to NFT holders in the project.

They include Lucky raffles, Lucky Chest openings, and Lucky Banking. Additionally, NFT holders can name the Maneki owned so long as the name remains unique. As the Manekis traverse the world of Lukenia, they encounter challenges where the prizes include meeting legendary Manekis such as Lavacat, Bitcoin Dragon, and more. The ultimate goal when all the characters are available will be unraveling Biorobot Maneki, the leader.

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