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Sam Cox, professionally known as Mr. Doodle, is a 23-year old Britain born and based artist. His childhood scribbles over everything saw him study Illustration at the University of West of England in Bristol. His doodle–centric moniker started while on campus after he was dubbed Mr. Doodle by his professor. His artistic style features smiley faces, dots, squiggles, and other simple geometries which make a boldly outlined figure. He has described his cartoonish fictional artwork as Obsessive-Compulsive Drawing and his artwork as graffiti spaghetti. In efforts to make the world a DoodleLand, his artwork has featured in:

  • Ara Art Center (2018)
  • Art Basel Hong Kong
  • New York Gallery
  • Blue-Chip Art-Fair Booth
  • Western Museum Program
  • Ravenel International Art Group
  • Londo Hoxton Gallery
  • Urban Break Art Asia

Besides, he has worked with Puma, Cass Art, Adidas, MTV, Fendi, and Samsung and has a mural in Wembley Park.

After taking over the NFT market, he became a multimillion-dollar artist with his “Spring” painting, which sold for almost $1 million on Nifty Gateway. He also has a 5-part series named ESC which is inspired by a computer keyboard.

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