Leather Bucket Heads Drop

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January 13, 2022 – January 20, 2022





Owning a Leather Bucket Head, is a celebration of a game, a celebration of life. An unrelenting symbol that rewards come to those that take risks. It is art that is not stylized, cute, or over-commercialized but born of cuts and bruises, that show the harsh reality of the game.

  • A collection of 5,650 algorithmically generated vintage football players. Players who have tasted turf and know there is no “I’ in team.

  • Stored as erc721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain. Yeah, we chose Polygon because gas fees shouldn’t be taking a bite out of your behind.

  • Generated from 80 attributes across 5 categories. All leather bucket heads will have additional traits that will be revealed when used as in-game assets in GM Dynasty.

  • Price of 37 MATIC

All Leather Bucket Heads owners will be granted access to the exclusive Locker Room. An area within the website that allows our community to hang-out, share, and even show-off.

-        Claim your highly customizable, virtual locker and put your personality on display. Each locker can be decorated with virtual trinkets and knick-knacks to create a one-of-a-kind look.
-        Visit and view your fellow Leather Bucket Heads lockers. You can even leave them a digital trinket and include a message.
-        Display and show-off your NFT portfolio. Your NFT gallery will automatically be linked to your locker.
-        Share social media links.
-        Message other Leather Bucket Heads owners
-        Displays GM Dynasty franchises and records. You will be able to brag and see how your fellow Leather Bucket Heads are performing in GM Dynasty.

Most importantly, Leather Bucket Heads was created to be part of a much larger sports-centric, gaming ecosystem called GM Dynasty. A play-to-earn platform that will appeal to savvy veterans and wide-eyed rookies. This is not just a vision, a vague promise, or over-stuffed roadmap. BETA Play coming in February 2022.

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