Lazy Collectible

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August 22, 2022 – August 29, 2022





Inspired by our culture, Lazy Collectible is a collection of 2.222 NFTs-unique-digital-lazy boys who just met the Ethereum blockchain.

Lazy enough to keep it 2D in a rising 3D metaverse and, if you are wondering... sometimes even too lazy to use uppercases!

They just... don’t care!

The embodiment of idleness will strike you with its bright and cartoonish yet simple style.

They are not looking to wreak havoc in the metaverse, they don’t give a damn about good vibes or a rollercoaster ride, they just wanna... make it simple!

The short, LOWERCASE, small printed texts on their t-shirts, tell us as much as their empty expressions and dead lazy eyes.

They just don’t find anything attractive enough or worth of a too joyful reaction.

Ad we believe, every romance, with a great story-telling, has the potential to go “lazy”!

We love finding humor in things.

We love creating stories and memes around news and people.

We love making parodies of colossal movies and globally streamed TV series, involving weeb world, anime and manga characters.

Lazy Collectible is not only a collection of 2.222 NFTs but 2.222 ways of having fun and spreading happiness... together!

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