Lantern Panda

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August 15, 2023 – August 22, 2023





Everyone Meet The Lantern Panda NFTs venture
Unique virtual asset that celebrates the beauty and appeal of pandas. This NFT is part of a restricted version series that functions pandas wearing conventional lanterns, symbolizing suitable fortune and prosperity 

What Makes this task unique? 
Definitely the network engagement! Pandas are the proper embodiment of cuteness and ferocity. They’re badass, and so are the humans inside the community. After the drop, the community of pandas in reality commenced to reign, and I took obligation for helping them navigate. From deciding on what happens next inside the Panda Dynasty serial comic to what's produced in the merch save, the entirety comes from the network, and it’s a each day blast to engage with anyone.

Becoming a Lantern Pandas NFT holder not handiest gives you the possibility to potentially earn rewards and participate in our superstar giveaway, however it additionally allows you to be a part of a developing community that values virtual art and blockchain technology

All are unique and splendid sturdy, however, a few have top-notch uncommon costumes, roles, and environments. Meet the offered-out group via their serialized comedian, blasting discord, or OpenSea

Don't pass over out in this interesting possibility to emerge as a part of the Lantern Pandas NFT network

Mint Information

  • Supply: ten thousand
  • Date: August 15
  • Price: three matic
  • Blockchain: Polygon 
Tags: #art

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