KwyptoKado – Millennials' Avocado Challenge in Friendly War with Boomers

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October 27, 2021 – October 27, 2021





KwyptoKados are cute avocado avatar NFTs that were derived from the saying “millennials can’t afford real estate because of avocado toast”. Each KwyptoKado offers a series of rights in KwyptoLand’s projects and acts as a booster for power in KwyptoLand’s first play-to-earn virtual game, Ether Footy, which aims to be released before Christmas this year.

Special whitelisted privileges NFT holders of:

- World of Women

- Crypto Chicks

- Crypto-Pills by Micha Klein

- Cool Cats

- Pudgy Penguins


- Kodama NFT

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Don’t underestimate these cute Avocados, each KwyptoKado increases one bar of the power of your future team, and you will want them on your side ;)

Mint price 0.077 ETH

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