Kindred & Destiny Collection by Jai Wolf x Kidmograph

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June 03, 2021 – June 04, 2021





Multidisciplinary artist Gustavo Torres aka Kidmograph teamed up with electronic music producer Jai Wolf for a joint NFT Collection. Titled ‘Kindred & Destiny Collection’, it drops on June 3rd on Nifty Gateway.

The artworks by Kidmograph are eclectic, with a strong background in beauty arts. This artistic approach allows him to explore and discover a unique voice through the years. Kidmograph has collaborated with Justin Bieber, Apple, Tumblr, The Weeknd, Nas, Honda, Instagram, Adidas, Maroon 5, Chromeo, and other famous personalities and brands.

Jai Wolf is also one of the clients of Kidmograph. They have worked together for the last couple of years for some of Jai Wolf's concerts. The upcoming collection is a great way to celebrate their collaborations over the years.

‘Kindred Collection’ features 5 NFTs. Sound design by Jai Wolf could not be more fitting to visuals and motion by Kidmograph. Two pieces will be available at Drawing, two others at Silent Auction, and one more at Auction. 'The Destiny Collection' features 3 NFTs that drops as 5-minute Open Editions.

Mark your calendars for June 3rd not to miss the result of the collaboration between Jai Wolf and Kidmograph!

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