Criptoarte 131313 – Finale by Antonio García Villarán

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June 02, 2021 – June 03, 2021





On June 3rd, Antonio García Villarán drops the last series of NFTs from the ‘Criptoarte 131313’ NFT Collection on MakersPlace.

It’s gonna be the grand finale of an epic series of 13 artworks curated and co-created by the global art community.

Within the #criptoarte131313 live drawing creation challenge taken place on Villarán’s Twitch channel, 13 artworks were created and turned into NFTs. The upcoming drop features the tenth, the eleventh, the twelfth, and the thirteenth artworks from the challenge.

Important Pricing Details:

  • $13 - Editions #1 - 3
  • $313 - Editions #4 - 11
  • $1313 - Edition #12
  • Last edition will be auctioned

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