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Antonio García Villarán

Antonio García Villarán is a well-educated artist who is based in Seville, Spain. He graduated with a "Cum Laude" PhD. in Fine Arts from the University of Seville with 2 majors, painting and sculpting. For a short stint, he joined the faculty in the university and participated in exhibitions where all his works sold out. His success also extends to his YouTube channel where he has millions of viewers and on Instagram where his stories get watched by hundreds of thousands of his followers. His great contributions to the art industry in Spanish speaking regions of the world made him one of the first people to be contracted by YouTube in the YouTube Creator Program.

NFT marketplaces welcomed Antonio, when he made his first drop titled “Criptoarte 131313”. The collection comprises 13 NFT pieces of art inspired by happenings in different parts of the world and was available on MakersPlace on May 12 2021. Part 2 of the same collection was available as on May 26 2021.

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