Criptoarte 131313 by Antonio García Villarán

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May 12, 2021 – May 13, 2021





On May 12th, artist, educator, Arts Academy-founder, writer Antonio García Villarán is dropping his NFT collection. Titled ‘Criptoarte 131313’, it will drop on MakersPlace. Antonio is one of the most recognizable art influencers within the Spanish-speaking world. He lives and breathes art in all forms from creating something himself to educating other talents.

The artist’s upcoming drop ‘Criptoarte 131313’ will feature 13 NFT artworks created with inspiration from around the world. Here is a short description of the drop: “Each artwork has been created during a live creation session in Villarán's Twitch and Instagram channels with the outcome of the creation being determined by every 13 words chosen by the global community”.

Do not miss ‘Criptoarte 131313’ by Antonio García Villarán! It’s gonna be great!

Tags: #art

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