Killer Cat Bengal Club

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May 17, 2022 – May 24, 2022



Killer Cat Bengal Club

A fun-loving collection of stylish & unique Bengal cats secured on IPFS & on the Polygon blockchain.

Some cats are more rare than others, however all bengals like to hunt & bring a hunted gift in its mouth. 

Owning a KCBC NFT is an experience that will make you part of a community of animal lovers & offer you the opportunity to be a part of voting on the creation of the official KCBC Metaverse virtual community! 

Owning a KCBC gives you the chance to win some "killer" prizes:  $200,000 USD in GIVEAWAYS including: -MATIC Giveaways -Oculus Quest VR sets -Cartier diamond ring $25,000 USD -TESLA Model 3 Performance  

Bengals like to offer gifts, so KCBC will be making a large donation to Pet Partners a national, non-profit organization that focuses on mental health through visiting those in need with therapy animals.

45 MATIC (Polygon) 

Minting is LIVE at the secured website:

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