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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022





Jaguars Touch NFT

Jaguar Touch is a collection of 16,000 3D NFTs on Ethereum blockchain Jaguar Touch Collection contains 3 types of animals: Jaguars, Tigers , Panthers.

Each NFT is Rendered in 8K resolution and we worked hard to deliver highest quality possible in our NFTs.

Each NFT is hand made and no AI were used to generate this collection Each NFT of our collection took us +1 Hour work for making and rendering it.

We work hard to increase the value of our project by using our vision , Creating a product to back our collection and always interacting with our community and creating a strong community behind this project.

Our main Goal with this project is to create the biggest platform for Artists , Developers and connect them to projects just like fivver but with more options and changes in benefit of both side and with more focus on web3 . >We fund the best Upcoming Projects in this industry you can learn more about our goal in Vision page Join us with our journey and let’s build the Web3 together!

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