Nishimoto Is The Mouth’s Nft

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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022





Nishimoto is the mouth’s nft “profits to the prophet” 

Nishimoto is the mouth, which has garnered a cult following with its concept of "The baby is god and nishimoto is the mouth," is pleased to announce the launch of its first nft "Profits to the prophet.

This nft is a generative nft collection of 300 pieces that aim to promote nishimoto is the mouth, especially in the digital realm. To this end, the prophet nishimoto has adopted a method of recruiting nishimoto is the mouth missionaries by issuing membership cards with the nft. Upon possession of this nft, the nft holder is authorized to call himself or herself a missionary of nishimoto is the mouth.

The nft works were created using 300 portraits of the prophet nishimoto, prepared especially for the production of this nft. Each picture is a message from prophet nishimoto to you and is unique.

Nft holders who obtain this nft will receive a variety of benefits.

There will be both physical and digital content to support missionary activities, including participation in exclusive communities, purchase rights and special prices for the next nft sales, and missionary kits such as t-shirts and goods only for nft holders.

Nfts will be sold through profits to the prophet, an nft sales site dedicated to nishimoto is the mouth operated by platinum egg hk limited, a hong kong-based global blockchain business.

Hp: https://nishimotoisthemouth-nft.Com

(website to be released 28th sep 2022 (hkt))

■contents of the missionary kit (tentative)

・missionary t-shirt (= missionaries must wear this t-shirt at least once a week and be recognized as a missionary by others)

・missionary amulet (= to be placed on a high place in the house or a bag so that you can feel close to nishimoto)

・multiple stickers for missionary use 


Purchases will be made through pre-sale sales to whitelist winners and public sale sales.

Please check the various social networking sites, which will be updated from time to time, for information on how to apply for the white list.




-sales location: nishimoto is the mouth nft profits to the prophet ( https://nishimotoisthemouth-nft.Com ) (website to be released 28th sep 2022 (hkt))

-scheduled release date: late october 2022 *the schedule is subject to change. Please check the website and sns for details.

-number of items sold: 280 pieces (20pcs are for private)

-sales price (eth): to be announced at a later date.

■nishimoto is the mouth

"Baby is god, and nishimoto is the mouth." 

Nishimoto is the mouth started to attract attention mainly in the united states after drake, virgil abloh, tom sachs and others wore the t-shirt in the past. 

At that time, it was distributed only to friends and acquaintances, but it will start its vigorous activities in 2020. The brand's items are currently being handled by about 30 highly sensitive select shops around the world.

Hp: https://nishimotoisthemouth.Com




■common base

Common base aims to support artists. Representative performances include coin parking delivery x sesame street, kousuke shimizu x jungle emperor leo, kiaida-kun x sesame street, kosuke kawamura x 2pac and more.

Hp: https://commonbase.Jp


■platinum egg hk limited

Based in hong kong, we plan, develop, and sell blockchain apps, nft content, and various games globally.

Hp: https://www.Platinum-egg.Com

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