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November 25, 2023 – December 02, 2023







Explore Jaadoo NFTs:

A nostalgic tribute to India's favorite alien, with 6449 unique NFTs and 183 enchanting traits. Mint yours on Ethereum via OpenSea for just 0.0091 ETH per NFT. Each NFT boasts seven distinct attributes, including background, skin, clothes, earrings, eyes, head, and mouth. Relive the magic with Jaadoo NFTs.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits:

Minting Jaadoo NFTs isn't just about owning a piece of nostalgia; it's a gateway to exclusive benefits:

NFT Whitelist Access: You'll get whitelisted in all the upcoming NFT collections if you mint Jaadoo NFTs.
PreSale Whitelist Access: You'll get whitelisted in meshCoder tokens PreSale if you mint Jaadoo NFTs.
meshCoder Token Airdrop: You'll get $30 worth of meshCoder token airdrop for each NFT you mint.
Free Mint Allocation: As if that wasn't enough, you'll also receive a free mint allocation in one of the upcoming five NFT collections. Expand your NFT portfolio without spending a dime.

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