Injured Punks

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October 17, 2023 – October 24, 2023



Experience the unprecedented: A 1:1 tribute to CryptoPunks’ legacy, launching on the Ethereum blockchain. Every detail painstakingly recreated, now adorned with the marks of a struggle.

In a world teeming with replicas and imitations, a unique NFT collection emerged, portraying the original CryptoPunks in a state of distress. These punks, once pioneers of a movement, now bear the marks of a relentless struggle.

The reason for their beatings lies in the frustrations that plagued the crypto community. Disillusioned individuals, fed up with the proliferation of copies, took out their anger on these punks, seeing them as a symbol of the dilution of authenticity.

But the power to determine their fate now rests with the audience. Each person becomes a decision-maker, given the choice to sustain the beaten state or rise as a savior to a punk in need. Will you perpetuate the cycle of harm and let them suffer, or will you embrace empathy and save a punk from their torment?

Within this NFT collection lies a tale of resilience, defiance, and the unyielding spirit of the crypto community. It's an invitation to choose their destiny, to either perpetuate their pain or become a catalyst for their redemption.

The choice is yours.

Allowlist mint: 1 free, then 0.005 ETH
Public mint: 0.005 ETH
Wallet allowance: 10 for each allowlist & public
Mint date: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - 4:00 pm (UTC)

Tags: #art

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