Icebergs between water & sky

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May 27, 2023 – June 03, 2023





Icebergs and bergy-bits! They bear the trace of the wound of detachment. Once they were one, then they became two, then many. Ungainly and random fragments of a single mother. The earth. Of one father. Ice. Only the 10% of an iceberg is what we see out of the water, the 90% is below the surface. Over-under photos are irrefutably eye-catching. They showcase an interesting perspective of two scenes within an image, telling a story above and below the water level. What lies underwater is often a mystery to many viewers! All photos were taken by the Author in the water during a climate change expedition with the Aurora Expeditions and Ocean Geographic in February 2023 around the Antarctic Peninsula.

It’s a cloudy chilly February afternoon in Antarctica. I’m in the water at -1,5 C degrees roaming between small icebergs looking for inspirational shots. Icebergs are natural sculptures carved and shaped by time and elements. They trap the past in form of ancient gases and other elements in their ice. They are frozen time capsules. I'm so intrigued by the fact that each iceberg’s shape, tell its story and its journey through the time and space. I feel excited but lost within this natural beauty. I would like to scout for hours that perfect ice-shape but time runs fast and my hands are already getting numb and only holding the bulky underwater camera and pressing the shutter button with the thick mittens on, is a real challenge. Holding the camera half to the surface (to make split shots) while getting the composition, is making my wrists and neck stiffer and painful. My feet are frozen after a few minutes. I just float in the uncomfortable inflated dry suit but I could cry for the happiness of being so lucky to experience all of that, to see live what just a few can see. I’m getting my concentration back. I am now only focused on my work. I repeat to myself: do the best you can, get the best out of it…focus, shoot..clean the glass dome…focus, shoot. I certainly did my best but not enough. Those 90 minutes in the water might frozen my face, my hands and my feet but made my heart warmer than ever. Looking at the photos after the expedition, I can feel all of those sensations. I feel I put my passion in the work l have done. That’s why this upcoming collection is so special for me. Now I want to go there again undoubtedly!

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